Smoky Davis is the true flavor of quality, their specialty meats are prepared using an Applewood smoking technique that has been handed down through generations of the Davis Family. Founded in 1953 Del Davis made his recipes for spicing and curing meats with Applewood smoking available to all in the Treasure Valley. Since 1953, Del Davis has shared his amazing recipes locally in Boise Idaho and the Treasure Valley. It wasn’t long before his business grew, his formula for success included selecting meats with the right combination of leanness and tenderness, blending spices for curing the meats, and preparing the Applewood smoking process patiently and carefully.



Today, of course, Smoky Davis, which is still family owned and operated from the original location employs, well-equipped state-of-the-art equipment. The recipes, however, are unchanged and un-modernized. Selecting meats and spices of the highest quality is still the primary consideration. And, patiently providing the perfect blend of time and temperature for smoking meats yields a product of unequalled excellence. These original recipes are still used today by Gary Davis, Del’s grandson and will continue for generations to come.

We Sell Idaho Wines!

Smoky Davis is best known for its Beef and Peppered Jerky. Our other well known varieties include Original, Peppered, Medium Hot, Hot, Teriyaki, Spicy Hot Teriyaki., and Turkey. Our snack sticks include Pepperoni,  Habanero Pepperoni, Pepperstick and Hot Pepperstick.